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You teach English for children with pay, I teach you Korean for free (Mapo)

Hi~! Guys.

As you may know, winter vacation of schools has been extended for another two weeks.. --;

So, during this period, I want to let my two children meet English natives and get used to English conversation.

My children are 9 years old son and 7 years old daughter who can only speak A,B,C and some basic terms.

You can just check thier pronunciation and have small talk with them for an hour or two.

Of course, I'll pay for that. (We can talk about the details if you contact me)

Also, I'll teach you korean (If you want ^^) I live near Mapo subway station.


KaKao ID : doghand3040


  • RYU SEUNG H2021-05-05
    Hello doghand3040,

    Are you still looking for a native English speaker for your children? If so, perhaps I can help.