Life in Korea



How are you~~ let's share live and exchange language!

Hi, I'm a  senior student of Sogang Uni. You can call me Ruby. 

I'm into leaning language and another country's culture. I was born and raised in Korea. I had have a chance to stay in Australia for 6months and I have met a wide range of people. The more  I met people from around world, the more I wondered about how people who are from other countries are looking the world, what they are thinking and what is the most important things. In addition, I absolutely realized that English is necessary in coumunicating with people because speaking English could make me connect to more people. 

so, I want to improve my English skill and know about different culture stroy. I can teach you real Korean which is used in comomme and give you some tips that is necessarry in living in Korea. Above all things, I can be a good friend of you to share lifethings each other and hang out! I also love jogging, hiking, shopping, taking a photo(I have film cameras!),  and cat&dog! 


I'm a outgoing person and trying to look bright side in everysituation. If you have something to ask me, you can reach me by Kakaotalk. (kakaotalk ID : oioioioiss) :-) or email :