Life in Korea



I am Korean. I want to Interview Asian friends about K-POP!
Hi :)
My name is Inyoung and I am Korean.
I am preparing the application about music.
So I want to interview Asian friends about my application!
The interview is going to take within 20-30 min, and I will serve coffee for you. :)
I am Ewha Womans University students, so if you want, we can meet at Shinchon.
And you can ask me any question about Korean life or Korean language during the meeting!
I think we can be good friends!
I am not a bad person :)
If you are worried, then I can show you my facebook page :)
Please contact me at  lily0189   (Kakao ID)
or mail me at
Thank you! I look forward to seeing you!

Lily (Inyoung)