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German/English (Me) <---> Korean (You) | Language exchange / Studying partner

Hello! :)


I'm Fabi. I'm halfway through my first semester (level 1) at Sogang KLEC and I am looking for a language exchange / study partner. Being only at level 1 implies that my grasp of the Korean language is still pretty basic but I wouldn't like that to be an excuse to avoid challenging myself.


A little more about myself. My personality type is INFJ-T. I am 26 years old, which should roughly equal 28 in Korean age. I have a history in web design (frontend & backend), e-commerce, business administration and database management.


Potential scenarios that I can envision:



General studying sessions at cafés:


Just bring your book with you, go about your stuff and if you have questions you can ask me as they come up, or at the end, if that is the way you prefer going about it. That way we could enjoy the comfort of having a native check out work while potentially being able to get input on it.


This of course highly depends on what kind of learner you are. Some people love getting input and suggestions, while others prefer staying 100% true to their textbook. — I am fine with either and would honestly already enjoy the motivation of sharing the passion for language learning with somebody else.

*On campus would of course also be possible. However, as KLEC classes are currently only conducted through ZOOM I am not eligable of receiving a student ID, which at this point in time, renders entering the campus rather impossible. 



Tandem language exchange:


This would work best in a "let's speak one another's language for the next X minutes" type of fashion as my ability to communicate in Korean is rather basic and thus, unless you are for example a beginner learner of German, would hardly satisfy you. Hence, something along the lines of 30 minutes of English and 10 minutes of Korean would work pretty well.


Of course, later down the line we could mix it up by going bi-lingual to really challenge our brain and to not use the native's question prompts in the language we are acquiring as ways to jumpstart our replies.



General culture exchange:


This is mostly relevant to someone who is interested in Germany. If you have any ambitions on studying or living in Germany for a while or are just curious about certain aspects of the culture, I am very much open to entertain your curiosity.



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