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Seoul Hangout Community: Fake Buddies!


▪️ Hey everyone, I'm KB, one of the co-founders of a Seoul hangout community called "Fake Buddies". 

▪️ Hope you don't mind me sharing a bit about our group here. 

▪️ We've been around for over 6 months and have already gathered 550 awesome members. 

▪️ Our main goal is to connect internationals and Koreans in a way that's never been done beforethink local food, fun activities, and so much more.

▪️ Feel free to jump into our group chat and see if we're a good fit for you.

Tap the link below to join our Kakao group chat

▪️ Or you can search for our group on KakaoTalk by typing "Fake Buddies" into the search bar.