Life in Korea



me(Kor)<-> you(eng)



Hi. I'm Sohyun Park, a graduate from sogang uni.

I'm writing here to find my fabulous language partnerXD

I like skiing, swimming, cycling, reading essays, babies, puppies and meeting new people!

I am open to new cultures. I have been to 12 countries in Europe, 3 in Asia and the one in america. I also was an exchange student in Munich, Germany.

I have been a teacher's assistant in  sogang korean immersion program so I can help you with korean culture and language.

I am 49% extrovert and 51% introvert. My mbti is ESFJ!

I'd like to meet my language partner once a week or every second week around sinchon or sogang uni area.

If you'd like to be my friend please contact via


kakaotalk: Whitechristmas

Thank you.