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Yearly Program Schedule

2022 10 weeks per session/4 sessions per year More View

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Session Course Period Vacation Application/
Payment deadline
Placement test Orientation
Spring Mar. 10 ~
May. 20
Apr. 15 /
May. 5
Dec. 14, 2021 ~
Jan. 19
Mar. 3 Mar. 8
Summer Jun. 8 ~
Aug. 24
Jul. 25 ~
Jul. 29 /
Aug. 15
Mar. 17 ~
Apr. 21
Jun. 2 Jun. 7
Fall Sep. 6 ~
Nov. 18
Sep. 9 ~
Sep. 12 /
Oct. 3 / Oct. 10
Jun. 15 ~
Jul. 21
Aug. 30 Sep. 5
Winter Dec. 7 ~
Feb. 23, 2023
Dec. 26 ~
Dec. 30/
Jan 23, 2023/
Jan 24, 2023
Sep. 14 ~
Nov. 11(Extended)
  • Writing : Nov. 21(Online)
  • Speaking : Nov. 28(Online)
Dec. 6
2023 10 weeks per session/4 sesstions per year More view

Scrolling from side to side.

Session Course Period Vacation Application/
Payment deadline
Placement test Orientation
Spring Mar. 7 ~
May. 18
Apr. 7 /
May.1 /
May. 5
Dec. 15, 2022 ~
Jan. 27
Feb. 28 Mar. 6
Summer Jun. 7 ~
Aug. 23
Jul. 24 ~
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Mar. 14 ~
Apr. 27
May. 30 Jun. 5
Fall Sep. 7 ~
Nov. 21
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Sep. 29 /
Oct. 3 / Oct. 9
Jun. 15 ~
Jul. 28
Aug. 31 Sep. 6
Winter Dec. 5 ~
Feb. 22, 2024
Dec. 25 ~
Dec. 29 /
Jan 1, 2024 /
Feb. 9, 2024 /
Feb. 12, 2024
Sep. 12 ~
Oct. 27
Nov. 28 Dec. 4


Foreigners or overseas Koreans with a high school diploma(expected) or the equivalent

Application Procedure

  • STEP11
    Completion of admission process
  • STEP10
    *Visa application
    (Embassies and legations abroad)
  • STEP09
    letter sent out
* Step 9 and 10 apply to students with D-4 Visa
  • Each STEP click will take you to that content.

Required Documents

Minimum Requirement

  • Online Application Form
  • One ID Photo (attached to the online application form)
  • A copy of current passport (information page with a photo)
  • A diploma or Certificate of Graduation from the applicant’s most recent academic background
    * If the document is in a foreign language other than English, Chinese, or Japanese, attach an English or Korean translation and a translator's confirmation.
  • Copy of the front and back of the Alien Registration Card (Only for the holders)

Additional Documents

  • 1) For students who do not need a D-4 visa
    Only minimum required documents.
  • 2) For students who need a D-4 visa
    (minimum 2 terms of registration required)
  • Bank statement
    Personal bank balance certificate with USD 10,000 or more balance issued within 30 days of the application date (family certificate should be submitted if the account is under the name of parents
    * If the document is in a foreign language other than English, Chinese, or Japanese, attach an English or Korean translation and a translator's confirmation.
    * After scan is submitted online, the original copy must be sent to KLEC by express post.
  • An apostille or notarization of Korean consulate for graduation certificate
    Degree and educational background documentation with apostille verification from your government or notarized from the Korean Consulate in your country or the country where the school you graduated belongs.
    * After submitting a copy of the document issued within three months of the application date online, the original copy should be sent to the Korean Language Education Center by mail.
    * If graduated from a country other than where the applicant is located, the Apostille/consular certification must be obtained from the country of the school’s location.
    * Original documents submitted will not be returned to the student for any reason as the school has a legal obligation to keep them permanently. Therefore, it is recommended to get an apostille/consular certification on your copy of diploma.
  • Next step in the application is only available after evaluation of original copies: bank statement, graduation certificate, Apostille/Korean consular certification
  • Personal guarantee form
    A personal guarantee form by a Korean national, proof of employment, notarization required.
    (*Note: Applies only to students from the below countries excluding Thailand and Indonesia)
Notes for application
  • Please check the document items to be submitted during online application as document requirements may be different for students from some specific countries.
  • Additional documents may be requested during the document screening process.
  • The document review will commence after all documents required for registration are submitted.
  • The reason for rejection will not be disclosed.
  • Please reach the regional staff for inquiries on additional documents.

Aposille Process

  • STEP01
    Country issues public/private document
    (i.e. diploma)
  • STEP02
    Notarization from the same country’s notarization office
  • STEP03
    Visit to
    an Apostille Agency
  • STEP04
  • STEP05
    Apostille Evaluation
    from Apostille Agency
  • STEP06
  • *step2 Documents issued from Private schools/universities can only be Apostilled after notarization
    - Number 'step2' Can be omitted for Public documents(public/national schools)
  • For private documents, there may be differences depending on the country’s notary public law and attorney law. Usually, Apostille is issuable if submitted after notarization from the same country.

Search Required Documents

  • 21 countries announced by the Minister of Justice
  • Ghana, Nigeria, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Iran, Egypt, India, Indonesia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Pakistan, Peru, the Philippines
  • 5 countries to be managed by priority for international students
  • Guinea, Mali, Ethiopia, Uganda, Cameroon

Tuition & Fees

Scrolling from side to side.

Course KGP200
(20hrs/wk, total 200hrs)
(20hrs/wk, total 200hrs)
(20hrs/wk, total 200hrs)
(6hrs/wk, total 60hrs)
* only in spring and fall
Class Day Mon.-Fri. (5days/week) Mon.-Fri. (5days/week) Mon.-Fri. (5days/week) Mon., Tue., Thur. (three times)
Class Time 9:00a.m.~1:00p.m 1:30p.m.~5:30p.m 1:30p.m.~5:30p.m 6:50p.m~8:40p.m
Tuition 1,790,000 KRW 1,770,000 KRW 1,790,000 KRW
(Foreign residents can pay in designated USD)
700,000 KRW
Application Fee 60,000 KRW(non-refundable and for new students only)
Material Fee
Total Tuition 1,850,000 KRW 1,830,000 KRW 1,850,000 KRW 760,000 KRW
  • The specific exchange rate may vary depending on the situation since Korea adopts a variable exchange rate system.
  • Tuition, material fees and application fees are subject to change every spring term.

Payment Methods

  • Both tuition and application fees can be paid by electronic transfer to our bank account.

    Bank Name Wooribank
    Account Number 1006-301-271661
    Account Name Sogang University
    Swift code HVBKKRSE
    • After transferring money, please upload a copy of the receipt on ‘Request for Payment Check’ in the stage of Payment Guide on MYPAGE of our website.
      The transfer should be made by the applicant’s name. If not possible, please write a sender’s name on MEMO in ‘Request for Payment Check’.
    • When you are making an international transfer, please write “Sogang University” only.
      If you write any other memo, the transfer process and thus the registration process will be delayed.

Placement Test

Target New or returning students with more than 1 year of non-enrollment
Subject & Duration Writing : 30 mins.
Speaking : 10 mins.
Registration Method After making the tuition payment, website - MYPAGE - level test - select “registration date and time”
  • Students with prior experience of studying Korean must also take the class placement test.
  • Students who are learning Korean for the first time or just barely know Hangul can choose to be placed in level 1 without taking the placement test.
  • The placement test result can be checked from MYPAGE the day before start of classes.
  • If the entry into the country is not possible until the day of the level test, the admission letter can be cancelled before start of classes.


Dormitory can be available only for those who are registered for the summer special program, and is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Students enrolled in the regular course cannot be provided with the dormitory, and they need to find their accommodation individually.


Students who have registered for more than 2 semesters of the regular course at the Korean Language Education Center and have received acceptance can apply for a Korean language training visa (D-4-1) at the Korean embassy (consulate).
Regarding visas, please make sure to contact the Korean embassy (consulate) or the Immigration Office in your residence before registering.