Customized Course

Course Introduction

  • 1 Customized Korean language courses, like short-term courses, are created at the request of domestic or international universities, government organizations and individual businesses. Our professional instructors at KLEC design the curriculum and choose the course materials in order to tailor the program to the needs of the requesting organization and the goals of the learners. Only students who are members of the organization that commissions the course may apply.
  • 2 Sogang University KLEC has successfully given courses commissioned by the Korea Foundation Fellowship Program, the Japan Meiji University Program, the Defense Language Institute Korean Program under the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. State Department’s Korean Program as part of the National Security Language Initiative for Youth, and others.
  • 3 Course fees vary according to the class duration and type of cultural outing. Please inquire for detailed information.


  • The curriculum of Sogang’s customized courses is designed to facilitate the organic learning of Korean language and culture.
  • It is our principle to divide classes according to the skill level and learning propensity of the students.
  • Our cultural outings are conducted with the help of a Korean guide who can assist students in their study of the Korean language.
  • Additionally, special cultural trips are sometimes held on weekends.
  • The courses use Sogang University textbooks as well as a variety of supplemental materials to provide students with a fun and advantageous learning experience.