Korean Language Course


Summer Special Course (July)

Application Procedure

    • STEP1
    • STEP2
    • STEP03
    • STEP04
    • STEP05
    • STEP06
    Required Documents
    • 1. Fill out the Online Application Form on our website (https://klec.sogang.ac.kr)
      • 1.1. Attach one ID Photo to the online application form.
      • 1.2. Provide a copy of your current passport (information page with a photo).
    • 2. Submit One of the following certificates (ONLY OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED):
      • 2.1. Prospective students in June 2024:
      • *Provisional Graduation Certificate issued this year
      • *Transcript of high school and Official Letter of Admission to a University issued this year
      • *High School Graduation Certificate for June 2024
      • 2.2 University Students of Undergraduate:
      • * Submit a University Enrollment Certificate issued this year. The certificate should be stamped and signed by the student’s College Office. (If they do not have a College, it should be stamped and signed by their Departmental Administrator.)
      • *High School Graduation Certificate
      • 2.3 Higher Education:
      • *Undergraduate Graduation Certificate
      • *Diploma for High school or Higher Education Graduates
    • 3. Submit proof of Overseas Traveler's Health Insurance that covers the course period
      • Enrolling in Overseas Traveler’s Health Insurance is not mandatory; however, Sogang KIP does not offer any insurance services. Participants are strongly advised to independently sign up for insurance to ensure their safety. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we collect your overseas insurance information to facilitate prompt and effective assistance when needed.

    **If the document is in a foreign language other than English, Chinese, or Japanese, please attach an English or Korean translation and a translator's confirmation. You can find the translator's confirmation form under [Community] > [Forms] > [Certificate of Translation Correct] on our website.

    • Phone +82-2-705-8089

    Notice: When filling out the application form, please pay attention to the options for applying for a dormitory room Questions No. 6, and make your selection according to your preferences. Once chosen, it cannot be changed.


  • 좌우로 스크롤 하시면 확인이 가능합니다.

    Types Qualifications and Benefits Required Documents
    Sogang Legacy Scholarship 10% discount on tuition for students whose parent has graduated from Sogang University
    • Academic certificate of your parent
    • a certificate of family relation
    Children of Faculty·Staff Scholarship 50% discount on tuition for students whose parent is Sogang faculty or staff
    • Employment certificate of your parent.
    Sogang KLEC Special Scholarship up to 10% discount on tuition for students selected as the recipient of the Sognag KLEC Speicial Scholarship
    • a letter of recommendation from a director of Korean language department or his/her Korean language instructor.

      * There is a designated form which can be downloaded in the page below.

    Returning Students Scholarship 20% discount on tuition for students who have attended the Sogang Korean Immersion Program before -


    • Mandatory
      • Application Fee 100,000 KRW(Only for New Student)
      • Tuition 2,300,000 KRW
    • Optional
      • Gonzaga Dormitory Double Rooms on a Basis (Meals are NOT included)
        700,000 KRW
    • Payment Period
      • March 4, 2024 ~ May 31, 2024
    • Fees do NOT include airfare
    • Optional fees are subject to change
    • Payment is only accepted from the starting day of the payment period

Payment Method

Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Account Number : 1005-401-792502
  • Beneficiary Name : Sogang University
  • Bank Name : WooriBank, Sogang Univ. Branch
  • SwiftCode : HVBKKRSEXXX
  • Bank Address : Sogang University, #35, Baekbeom-ro Mapo-gu, Seoul 121-742 Korea
  • All charges for transferring funds should be paid by senders : applicant fee, intermediary bank fee, and beneficiary bank fee. Please upload your receipt of the electronic funds transfer on MYPAGE of our website.

Refund Policy

  • Category Refund
    Before classes start 100% of Tuition
    After classes start Day
    1 - 6
    2/3 of Tuition
    7 - 10
    1/2 of Tuition
    11 - 20
    No refund
    • Application fee, field trip and dormitory fees are non-refundable
    • It takes about 2-3 weeks to get a refund, and the remittance fee will be deducted from the refund


  • On-campus Gonzaga

    It is recommended that students stay in the dormitory on campus. If you would like to stay in the dormitory housing, the dormitory fee should be paid in full along with other fees by the deadline. The applicants for the dormitory will be assigned on a first come, first served basis

    Eligibility Students enrolled in the Sogang Korean Immersion Program
    Type Double rooms (2 occupants per room)
    Location On-campus (Gonzaga Hall)
    • Check-in June 26 (13:00~17:00)
    • Check-out July 25 (13:00~17:00)
    • Room furnishings : air conditioner, bathroom, high speed internet access, private telephone, student furniture, shower equipment and wardrobe.
    • Public facilities : cafeteria, fitness center, oratory, laundry room and etc.
    Cost 700,000 KRW(Meals are NOT included)
    Guide Students staying in the dormitory must follow the dormitory regulations. Students who do not follow the regulations may be asked to leave the dormitory. In this case, the dormitory fee will not be refunded.
  • Boarding Hourse

    If you would like to live off-campus with students attending other universities, there are many boarding houses in the Sinchon area. Boarding houses are run by caring landladies and students have the chance to share a house with other university students. The rooms are furnished with a bed, desk and closet but laundry and bathroom facilities are shared with other residents. Boarding houses cost an average of 700,000~800,000 won per month and students pay the fee, which usually includes two meals a day, directly to their host.
  • Homestay

    If you want to experience life with a Korean family, another option is a home stay. Sogang University Korean Language Center does not offer a home stay-matching service, but you can find information on some websites.


  • Short-term Visa(C-3) No-visa Entry
    Target Students with C-3(90-day Tourist Visa) which covers three months stay in Korea Students from countries that signed visa waiver agreements with Republic of Korea
    Reference https://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/TRV/TV_ENG_2_1.jsp
    As Sogang KIP does not issue any documents for visa to students taking the short-term course, students must get a C-3 visa for themselves and it is student's responsibility to get a visa to join this program. We recommend students pay the tuition when they are sure that their visa can be issued.