Korean for General Purposes 60KGP60

Course Goals

  • 1 Level 1 Student can perform basic communication necessary for daily life.
  • 2 Level 2 Student can perform basic communication necessary for daily life and also understand Korean culture.
  • 3 Level 3 Students can communicate in and understand almost all expressions used in most ordinary situations in Korean society.

Breakdown of each Course by Level

Levels 1a-3b More View


Scrolling from side to side.

Class Time Monday Tuesday Thursday
1 18:50 ~ 19:40 Speaking
(Grammar practice)
(dialogue practice, communication activities)
2 19:50 ~ 20:40 Listening

Sample Activities

Level 1
  • Introducing oneself and one’s friends to classmates
  • Ordering drinks at a coffee shop
  • Asking for directions using public transportation
  • Introducing one’s hometown and native country
  • Reserving tickets for movies or plays
  • Discussing plans for travel and vacation
  • Reading advertisements and finding a boarding house
Level 2
  • Asking and answering how to get to one’s destination
  • Discussing cultural differences
  • Buying and selling items
  • Introducing restaurants
  • Conveying what another person has said
  • Describing people and objects
  • Talking about problems, giving advice
  • Discussing travel experiences
  • Interviewing for jobs
Level 3
  • Visiting a Korean person’s house
  • Visiting a real estate agency and finding a house
  • Finding a part-time job
  • Visiting a hospital and receiving treatment
  • Finding lost objects
  • Shopping for electronics
  • Using public facilities
  • Talking about memories


  • In order to advance to the next level, students must score over 70% on the final exam in each class (speaking, reading, listening, and writing) as well as in their speaking interview.


  • Students must attend at least 80% of classes in order to be allowed to re-register.
  • In the event that a student attends fewer than 80% of classes, they will not be allowed to advance to the next level or to re-register.

Course Change

  • After changing from KGP60 to KGP200 or KAP200, you need to retake the placement test to advance.
    (Each program has a different class time and content.)