Korean for General Purposes – Morning

The main program of Sogang University Korean Language Education Center focuses on improving the ability to communicate.
It consists of 4 hours of classes between 9am and 1pm: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Course Description
(20 hours a week, totaling 200 hours)

Class Days Monday ~ Friday (5 days a week), 10 weeks per session
Class Time 09:00 ~ 13:00 4 hours per day
Course Levels Levels 1-6
* Level 7 is the highest level: see Special Advanced Course
Students per Class 16 students or fewer
Course Fees 1,830,000KRW each semester
(100,000 KRW registration fee for new students, course materials not included)
  • Students who register for KLEC programs do not have to buy insurance in home country separately as Sogang Korean Language Education Center provides group health insurance to students for free.


  • 1 Sogang KLEC classes are student-centered and focus on speaking, featuring a variety of communicative activities to improve speaking abilities.
  • 2 Students are able to improve their ability to speak quickly by learning vocabulary and phrases used in daily life while engaging in very realistic activities.
  • 3 Korean speaking, listening, reading, and writing are all included in the course.
  • 4 With more than two teachers for each level, classes remain interesting and engaging.
  • 5 This course is offered in tandem with a culture class, which is effective in helping students gain a deeper understanding of Korean.