About KLEC

  • 01

    Speaking-centered education

  • Learning system optimized for improving communication skills

    • More than two hours of speaking for 4-hour lesson every day
    • a variety of audio-visual materials that bring authentic, real-life scenarios into the classroom
    • Develop communication skills through task-oriented communication activities
  • Grammar
  • Dialogues
  • Task

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Summary
learn the grammar, vocabulary, and topic
Practice conversations using what is learnt
Using learned grammar and expressions to accomplish a given task
  • 02

    A focus on the learner

  • Bring the focus of the class away from the teacher and towards the learner

    • In class, the teacher acts as a facilitator to help students express their opinions.
    • Learners’ interests, needs and interests are reflected as much as possible during the curriculum production phase as well as during the class.
  • 03

    Superior Instructors

  • Excellent instructor with outstanding achievements in each field of Korean language and Korean studies.

    • By introducing the homeroom system, attendance management, counseling, and exam supervision are conducted.
    • Student counseling instructors are assigned to consult professionally on matters related to school life and academic adaptation.
  • 04

    Sogang Korean Textbook

  • Self-developed textbooks for a speaking-centered class

    • Total of 69 books from level 1 to level 6 (including writing, grammar and vocabulary references for many languages)
    • Development of a number of supplementary textbooks to be used in conjunction with this series
    • Continuous updates to keep textbooks up to date
  • 04

    Various nationalities
    over 80 countries

  • Students from over 80 countries interact and exchange thoughts using Korean

  • 05

    Located in the
    heart of Seoul

  • Center of university culture with many universities in the vicinity
    Various convenient and cultural facilities concentrated nearby

  • 06

    Various services for students

    • Various classes provided for free (pronunciation, grammar, movies, K-POP dance, etc.) after classes
    • Health insurance for foreign students (supported by Sogang KLEC)
    • Student ID (required for using Sogang University Library)
    • Multimedia Room, Student lounge, Counseling Office, Gym, Nurse’s Office, WiFi available
    • Join in clubs in Sogang University