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[Speaking/말하기] Anyone who wants to improve your Conversational Skills?



Are you interested in improving your Conversational Skills to talk like locals? 

I took a course at Yonsei University of The Institute for Training Korean Language Instructor.
Also, I used to work in Germany and I've studied other languages so I know how it is quite different and difficult to be like locals. 

I was born and raised in Seoul.
I am easy going and would like to assist you to practice Korean in person. 

The tuition fee is 40,000/hr and we can meet regularly once or twice a week for the class in a coffee shop or your convenient places. 
The tuition fee is based on Private and if you would like to join with your friends, the price can be negotiable. (Max 2-3) 

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me. 

Contact Info 
kakao : s2jewels2 / email :

Best regards,