Life in Korea



Hello! there I'm looking for friends who use English(and Français)

HI, I'm MJ, I live in Seoul and I'm ordinary office worker for public and my workplace is nearby Sogang Univ

My job has programs for Foreigner but, This year, definitly They couldn't come to here because of COVID19

However, I just want to grow up my language skill, Also I want to meet some friends!

So If you want to learn Korean I can help you free, I have experience to teach somebody

And 2years ago, I lived in Paris about 1year that's why I wrote 'French' on the title but it's not important

only Eng is good for me but if you speak french , it's Cool

... anyway if you see this , just feel free to contact to me

good luck to you! 

and if you are not good Eng that's Okay I just make friend and want to help

my Kakao is : hyrarue