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Sogang Alpine Club Rock Climbing Hands-On Event Announcement


[Sogang Alpine Club Rock Climbing Hands-On Event Announcement]


 Hello, we are Sogang Alpine Club, a mountaineering club formed with the opening of Sogang University in 1960. We carry out activities such as rock climbing, camping, and trekking, with climbing natural rock walls being our main activity.

 The reason why we are posting this announcement is to recruit participants for the event we planned.


���� What kind of event is it?

This event is exclusively for foreign students who couldn't join our club due to a lack of Korean communication skills. We want to give them a chance to experience Korea's natural rock walls, and all necessary climbing equipment will be prepared by our club.


���� What are the plans for the event?

- Who can participate?

Anyone who can communicate in English regardless of climbing experience.

- When and Where?

Date : April 30th, 08:00~18:00

Location : Mountain Bukhan in Seoul

- How to apply?

You can apply through a QR code, URL, or the SAC Instagram account.

Application period : ~ April 19th


���� Other important information:

- We are only recruiting 15 people.

- Those who have contacted us to join the club will be selected first.

- The rest will be selected randomly.

- Participation fee is 10,000 won

- The participation fee deposit will be required after the participant is selected.


If you have any questions, please contact our club's Instagram account (@sogang_alpine_club) or the captain at 010-2906-5880 :)