[영어상담] 이태원 참사 관련 트라우마 학생 심리상담_한국심리학회

[공지] 영어상담 안내 - Korean Psychological Association English Psychological Consultation Service for people who experienced or witnessed(direct/indirect) 10.29 Itaewon Disaster


The Korean Psychological Association(한국심리학회(사)) is providing English Psychological Consulatation Service for the trauma / difficulties 

of the Itaewon Incident. It will run until January 31st, 2023.


Please refer to the announcement from the association as provided below. It is composed of official professional psychologists.

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Dear many of you who are suffering aftermath the 10.29 Itaewon tragic incident. We wish to stand with you and give support based on our psychological profession.
Please send us the application form so we can match you with a volunteer professional psychologist to call you for support and psycho-education.
Service will be provided through phone or online metaverse and is free. Current language service will be limited to English. Our service time is 9-21 everyday, and would run till Jan 31, 2023.


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