Life in Korea



Me(Korean) - You(English) : Get a free but low quality Korean class!


I am Sue park, and I graduated from Sogang University.

I am currently in charge of global sales in the manufacturing industry, but my aspiration is to obtain a certificate for teaching Korean and become an exceptional Korean tutor someday.

This is my first time testing my Korean teaching skills and talents with foreigners.

This is my initial plan for our language exchange.

Let’s discuss it because I have the option to change my plan.

- Meet weekly or bi-weekly for an hour

- 30 min: Talk in English only

- 30 min: Talk in Korean only + I will prepare the customized Korean course for you.

I can’t say my course would be high-quality, but I will promise you it would be enjoyable.

I have extensive experience in communicating with people from various countries.

During my exchange semester experience in Poland, I had the opportunity to make numerous European friends.

Now, at my workplace, I have a multitude of co-workers, particularly in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brazil.

I had visited Indonesia for business as well.

So, don’t hesitate to contact me and ask any questions!

kakaotalk ID: clapkite