Life in Korea



Me(korean) <-> You(English)

Hi I'm Sanhae lee, a graduate of Sogang univ.

I'm looking for someone whose native language is English.
You can be an English teacher (then I will be a Korean teacher If you want) or just a friend! I had a lot of conversations with a foreign friend at Sogang University in 2019, and it was a very valuable experience for me. I want to talk with you in English on various topics, whether it be music, movies, or books. If you are unfamiliar with Korea, I would like to introduce various things such as Korean cafe, PC room, Sogang University, and Korean. Don't hesitate to call me. I hope I have a good friend!


+ I'm not that fluent in English but I can communicate with you!


My kakaotalk ID : mountainchild
      instagram ID : mountainchd