Is there a place to study after class?

Students may use Sogang University’s library or the break room in the Arrupe Building to study. Students can also ask questions to the instructors who are in the teacher’s lounge. 

I would like to know more about the application requirements for Sogang KLEC.

Students who possess a high school diploma or equivalency are welcome to apply. Students who have not graduated from high school or who do not possess an equivalency are not eligible to take Korean language courses at our institution.

I would like to know what kind of visa I will need in order to take Korean classes at Sogang University.

Students who wish to take one session of courses will need to hold a C-3 Visa (tourist visa), while students who wish to take more than two session of courses will need to obtain a D-4 Visa (short-term student visa). For details, please see the “visa” section.

Why do I need a letter of personal reference? How can I get one?

In order to receive a D-4 visa, sometimes a letter of personal reference from a Korean who resides in Korea is required. If a Korean person visits a law office that provides letters of personal reference and writes a brief statement, the letter of personal reference can be received immediately. Students who do not need a D-4 visa do not need to obtain a letter of personal reference.

What should I do if I want to extend my D-4 visa?

After consulting with the closest immigration office to you, you should prepare your documentation. You will need a certificate of admission to university or certificate of enrollment, a letter of personal reference, your passport or alien registration card, and possibly other documents. If you are already a D-4 visa holder, it is usually possible to extend your D-4 visa by 3 months when you register for an additional session of courses. However, this is only possible if you have attended at least 80% of classes and worked hard to complete all homework assignments and tests.

What language are classes held in? Can I take classes even if I don’t speak a word of Korean?

All classes are held in Korean. After a preliminary assessment interview, you will be placed in the class that is appropriate to your skill level. Because instructors teach classes using Korean that is appropriate for each level, you do not need to worry. Even if you don’t speak a word of Korean, you will be able to learn, starting with a simple hello.

If I want to finish the entire Sogang University KLEC program, how much time will I need? How good will my Korean be if I complete the whole program?

One session is ten weeks, and there are 4 sessions per year. If a student who speaks absolutely no Korean begins at Level 1, as there are a total of 6 levels, it will take approximately a year and a half to complete the course. Every level has a final exam, and students who need more time to study may have to repeat a level before they can advance to the next one. In addition, if you choose to take the special advanced course (Level 7), it will take 1 year and 9 months to complete all of the classes. However, if a student has studied Korean before and takes the interview test, it is possible to begin classes at the intermediate level and complete the full course more quickly. If a student completes Level 3, they are eligible to enter university. Normally, if students complete Level 6, they are able to communicate fluently with Koreans and study at a Korean university.